Thursday, January 13, 2011

Monday, December 13, 2010

Andy woke me up at 5.30AM this morning with a surprise.  We were going on a hot air balloon ride for our 20th Anniversary and we had to be in the front lobby by 6.30AM.  Apparently morning are the best for balloon rides.  It was breathtaking! And the champagne gourmet breakfast after wasn't too shabby either! Here we are just before takeoff!

This is a shot of the other hot air balloon just eclipsing the sun.  Our landing was upright to start, but there was a bit of a breeze coming up and the pilot had a hard time keeping the basket level, and we ended up on the side!  No harm done!

In the afternoon we headed off to explore the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum at Taliesin. 

We wanted to be sure to catch the light show at the Phoenix Zoo, so we headed back to our hotel for a quick rest and then on to the Zoo.  The zoo was decorated with 1,000,000's of Christmas lights in all sorts of animal shapes.

It was a fun day.  Tomorrow we head north to Flagstaff!

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